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Jammer tester

The jammer testers SETH offered by HORUS are a professional and technologically advanced solution to quickly and effectively check the correct functioning of the jammers in the field before using them.

jammer tester

The main features of our testers are:

Equipment housed in a handy case that can be used in the operating environment;

Suitable for any type of jammer: active, reactive and hybrid;

Extremely easy to be used even by unskilled personnel (green: GO; Red: NO GO)

Fully automated test procedure lasting a few seconds;

Self-contained power supply capability with an internal rechargeable battery;

Integrated Web Server for test programming;

Ability to store up to 4 programmed test profiles;

Storage of tests carried out with date, time, final result and test details;

First level maintenance that can be performed by the user;

Solution suitable for further development and implementation.

Designed and built with “state of the art” technologies, making use of the experience gained in over 30 years of activity by a team of professionals made up of Jammer users and telecommunications system designers, the jammer tester SETH is a synthesis of cutting-edge technology, quality, performance and reliability.

SETH has three modes of analysis: reactive, active and hybrid.

Reactive analysis

In reactive analysis mode, it generates signals to simulate threats with an adjustable level from -65 to -90 dBm on any frequency in the 20 to 6,000 MHz operating band. In this mode, SETH also measures the reaction time and reaction power with an adjustable bandwidth. In this mode it is possible to carry out 32 automatic measurements for each of the 4 test profiles.

Active analysis

In active analysis mode, SETH measures, in the bands in which the Jammer is active, the total power and also the power of portions of the band to make sure that it effectively covers, with sufficient power, the entire spectrum to be inhibited. Even for tests with active jammers, up to 32 frequencies can be programmed in an adjustable bandwidth to define whether the result is positive or negative.

Hybrid analysis

In hybrid mode, the 32 measurements available for each profile can be programmed partly for reactive mode and partly for reactive mode.


POR FESR 2014-2020 – NOTICE SMARTUP 2021 - ACTION 1.3.1

Project title: “SETH”


The “Seth” project concerns the design, construction and testing of an automatic test apparatus for RF jammers (Jammer Field Test Equipment), capable of certifying that the performance of the jammer under test is that expected to counter UAV and RCIED threats. Our “Tester” is complementary to our “Jammer”, fits perfectly into the company’s product strategy and can also be used to verify the proper functioning of the competitor’s jammers.