Horus Technologies Srl

Precision Agriculture


Uses and applications of the multispectral payload include irrigation scheduling, plant disease detection, plant phenotyping and fruit yield estimation, but also detection of illegal plantations such as cannabis. The key features benefits are :

Simultaneous capture of up to six discrete spectral bands,

enabling outputs such as RGB colour, crop vigour, and high-resolution panchromatic;

1.2cm (0.47in) terrain resolution when flying at 60m (200ft)

Optimizing tasks that require ultra-high resolution and compatible with rapid field workflows for on-the-spot decision making

Built-in 320 x 256 radiometric thermal imager The thermal imagery provides a ground resolution as high as 17cm from 60m flight altitude, which means that the thermal imager captures an area as big as 17cm when flown at 60m. The higher the resolution, the smaller object size can be detected.

Ultra-high-resolution panchromatic imager for data outputs at 2.49cm resolution from 120m