Horus Technologies Srl

VTOL Fixed Wing UAS


The Songbird UAS combines the efficiency, speed and long range of traditional aircraft with the Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) ability of modern multi-rotor drones. It allows for a payload of up to 4,4 kg, enabling operation with large battery packs, dual cameras or highly specialized sensors. The Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) always remains below 15 kg.

The Songbird benefits from testing under extreme weather conditions, from the African desert to tropical jungles, and can operate during wind speeds of up to 15 m/s as well extreme heat or cold and light rain.

Advanced aero-dynamical design and uncompromising lightweight construction result in flight times of up to two hours, which is twice the time of comparable systems. Depending on the payload, the range coverage is up to 100 km. A sophisticated autopilot with automatic take-off and landing features enables the UAS to be flown by a single pilot/operator.

Songbird system

Some applications have been integrated into the Songbird system, such as surveillance with real-time video transmission, detection with multispectral cameras and search and rescue with IMSI and IMEI capture devices.

A software

A software platform has been developed for best practice operation of VTOLs including the integration of special / individual applications for VTOL systems and PixHawk PX4 environments.

Ground Control Station (GCS)

The Ground Control Station (GCS) is the integral component of all applications which can be used universally on all drones that use a PX4 stack. The GCS allows the creation of flight paths with a high level of safety and supports for BVLOS flights a number of integrated and approved safety routines, e.g., land the system without motor support, or interfaces with UTM communication technology. Cloud-based solutions have been developed and integrated for the evaluation of generated data. Data are processed with AI methods to achieve considerable cost savings for the customer compared to conventional methods and at the same time to improve the data quality.